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Bringing fifteen years experience in building and supporting cross-cultural organizations, j wallace offers an extraordinary depth of knowledge and perspective to his consulting. His knowledge of workflow and organizational management combines with his long study of LGBTQ issues to offer you such services as:

Crisis consulting. Perhaps you're having an urgent issue with regard to a lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or queer student, employee, or client? Request help before making mistakes that could cost you money, credibility, or both.

Policy and procedure audit. Ask j to walk through all your processes, forms, and interactions as an organization, identifying barriers to service and recommending thoughtful, legally compliant solutions.
Integrated organizational education. Is it time for your school, practice, department, university, or other organization to become LGBTQ-educated? j will design a comprehensive program to address the specific requirements of each employee-set, ensuring that compliance is global within your working group.

Thoughtful answers when needed. Maybe your organization has competency, but is concerned about a particular question from a legal, policy, or humanitarian standpoint. Having a consultant on retainer guarantees that these answers (and the relevant supporting documents or research, where applicable) will be available to you and your colleagues, upon request.

Creating thoughtful paths and policies to queer and trans education, inclusion, and integration in public schools in Ontario, Canada